This Week's Community Announcements

• Congratulations to…

▪ CG Public Library Staff for providing a wide variety of fun and creative activities for kids and families during Winter Break -- and throughout the year, too.

▪ CG Police Officer Chris Joyce who retired Dec. 31 after protecting and serving the Cottage Grove community for 22 years. (See his final radio call & police escort on the CGPD Facebook page)


Here are items from our Fall Alligator Auction that are still available for purchase. Call Lynell at 541-942-2468 on weekday afternoons to cash in on these great buys! 

BLUE VALLEY BISTRO (formerly Creswell Coffee) – $10 Gift Certificate - 1 left @ $6

BOOKMINE – $40 Gift Certificate for Outdoor Plants (don't need to use all at once) - 1 left @ $30

BOOKS ON MAIN – $10 Gift Certificate - 6 left @ $6


Listen every Monday-Saturday morning from 10-11 a.m.
Pick up a few treasures or things you need for the house or shop. If you haven't caught Swap-n-Shop for a while, you will be pleased to learn the limits are a combined total of $500 for three or fewer items.
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If you have more than 3 items or one worth more than $500, use Swap-n-Shop to get it on the market. Stop by the station on weekday afternoons to purchase one.