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Staff Profile: Jeri   james

Hello! My name is Jeri James. I am a resident of this awesome little community here in the Grove for nearly 8 years. . My family purchased a home here in town where we could finish raising our four children next to the schools , shopping centers and active community events. As our family continued to grow and mature, I had also taken my love and passion for music to a new level, as a radio personality on KNND and also host of a national webcast , called Monday through Thursday, I am the host of a show called The Morning Cup between 6 and 8am. On Friday’s, here at the mighty 1400; I run a 4 hour program called The Red Dirt Division. My roots go back to my childhood where My Dad was a singer/songwriter and inspiration to me growing up. In as much , I l took up my own interest in guitar and singing when I was about 15 years old. I have been writing songs and playing acoustic for a little over 20 years. I believe that so many talented individuals have voices that need to be heard! So many people have stories to be shared and would be appreciated if the world could hear what they have to say/sing! I also, can appreciate an appropriate platform to do so. I love to interview authors and songwriters connected to their craft whether by label or independently, it’s all about the content and the inspiration that makes music alive and breathing! That is why I have branched out in my musical journey to help shine the Spotlight on writers and musicians throughout the nation and Canada. After two and a half years of running a webcast, originally founded in Texas; I began to network with local leaders such as Cameron Reiten of KNND to share my vision and radio flavor with The Great North West. Cameron has been so gracious to extend the space on his station for The Red Dirt Division, every Friday, 11:00am-3:00pm. On my show, I like to play the best of Texas Rock, real country, outlaw, honky Tonk, Americana and singer/songwriter too. I thank my husband and children for their continued support with this heavy hobby and passion of mine, as well as a community of business owners such as Kyle Kishen Construction, Coastfork Farm Stand and Absolute Home Came getting behind the Red Dirt Roots Radio flavor! Don’t forget to tune in Every Friday, 11-3 with me , JJ! Inquiries for The Red Dirt Division can go to


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