Greetings KNND Listeners!


WOW! We suddenly and unexpectedly find ourselves sharing a collective nightmare! The deadly coronavirus (also known by its scientific name, COVID-19), has created a global pandemic we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from. They call this a "novel" virus because our medical researchers are facing an invisible and deadly enemy they don't know much about. In the other countries infected before ours, we're learning more about how it strikes different people and the effectiveness of strategies those countries are using to limit its spread. 

As of March 24: Our lobby is closed to all except staff and Beeper Show guests. Staff is available by phone. No program changes at this time.

During this State of Emergency, it is critical that all of us strive to be our "best selves" and not let fear and uncertainty guide our decision-making. In World War 2, when things looked most grim, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave his citizens some very wise advice: "Be Calm and Carry On." That's just what we need to do now! 

The structure of American government is a 244-year-old gift from our country's founders. When all three branches of government are functioning as designed, we can overcome whatever challenges come our way! Americans HAVE a voice in how this pandemic is managed. The first three words of the Constitution of the United States are "We the people..." Use the contact information below to reach out to the people you elected to represent your interests in matters of government, education, and public services. We the people need to give them the collective wisdom they need to do what's best for us in this state of emergency!

Many Americans today are blessed with a social DNA and with lessons our ancestors learned and have passed down to us in our history books and our sacred teachings. Our  parents, grandparents and great-grandparents survived the horrific global 1918 Influenza pandemic (that killed more Americans than in ALL the wars of the 20th century), two World Wars, and the Great Depression of the 1930s. It was their strong faith and love for our country that rallied them to fight against a common enemy. They collectively found the courage to rise and meet the challenges before them. We need that kind of courage right now, especially as many no longer have jobs to go to and people are getting violently ill... and some are dying!  

This viral threat is most deadly for older people, for those with weak immune systems, and for those with respiratory and heart conditions. Social distancing measures are critical and lifesaving because this virus is airborne and spreads quickly. Some officials believe we may have to "shelter in place" for months until a vaccine is developed. The best and brightest minds around the world are working together on this essential tool to defeat the COVID-19 coronavirus!

As this State of Emergency continues, KNND staff will provide you with the most current information we receive from our national, state and local officials. Cameron and Cindy are working as a team to pass along information to you as quickly as possible. We are using these communication tools so you can stay informed and connected:

Radio Station: AM 1400

Facebook: KNND Radio

SLTV Channels: 47.4 & 47.5

Business Line: 541.942.2468

Studio Line: 541.942.5548

Since 2014, KNND and TEAM-Cottage Grove have partnered to publish the weekly Around The Grove newsletter to keep us in the know about all the cool and fun things Grovers love to do together. Just as businesses around the country are "re-tooling" now to produce the health equipment and supplies we need to successfully combat this virus, we have "re-tooled" ATG to provide a variety of important information to help us "be our best selves" in this crisis. We continue to work closely with the Cottage Grove Sentinel and our community leaders and organizations to "be on the same page" when it comes to letting you know, what you need to know, as soon as we know it!  

Thankfully, earlier this year, SLTV created Channel 47.5 to post the weekly ATG newsletter. With so much information that impacts our daily lives coming so fast and furiously, compounded by the fact that it takes hours to create the video you can watch as you listen to the KKNX's classic rock music. Therefore, for now, we have posted generic info on the channel that doesn't change much. 

For the duration of this state of emergency, Around The Grove will continue to publish a weekly newsletter and, in-between issues, we will email to subscribers ATG Extra topical editions. The email subject line will allow our subscribers to decide which ones they want to open and which ones they want to delete. Here some examples: How to file for unemployment and find the new jobs being created to fight this deadly virus. Information and advice on how to create new routines that let kids continue learning, parents continue working remotely, and to inspire everyone in the family to develop new healthy living habits. A list restaurants and businesses are still open with modified hours and menus. What social services are available and how to access those services. What churches are streaming their services online and provide links to some spiritual resources that are available to keep our faith strong. 

We also want to use Around The Grove to share with the whole community all the good ideas of how you and your family and friends are making the best of this bad situation. Email them to

     What are your boredom busters and how are those things making your family stronger, healthier and happier?

     How are you re-discovering hobbies your busy schedules have kept you away from for a long time?

     What new income generating activities have you thought of to meet people‚Äôs emerging needs as we are forced to stay in our homes?

     What new activities are you doing to improve your health?

     What are the helpful lessons passed down to you by your parents and grandparents that are helping you -- and may help others, too?

To become an ATG subscriber, send an email to with your full name and put SUBSCIBE in the subject line.  

Cindy is currently "re-tooling" our website to organize information by topic for easier reference. For the past six years, we've provided a list of community volunteer opportunities in ATG and on our website. We will maintain this list daily as needs emerge for healthy volunteers to serve the many who are forced to "shelter in place" or to use your skills and abilities to perform needed services.

Economically, this state of emergency is taking a high toll across our country. The good news is our local, state and federal leaders are quickly passing laws authorizing money to help each of us weather this storm. The CG Area Chamber of Commerce is coordating information on resources available to small business owners. Many of KNND's advertisers "who keep the Mighty 1400 live and local" are struggling too! Please support them so they can support you through us! The Oregon Department of Emergency Management needs Oregonians to submit requests to donate services or supplies, volunteer to support, or to engage in a business relationship with the state. 

Educationally, school districts are "re-tooling" to provide distance education and weekday lunches to all students up to 18-years-old.  

Government Services continue as our city officials conduct virtual meetings and provide essential services.  

Health-wise, Lane County Public Health and the Oregon Health Authority and the national Centers for Disease Control give us daily updates on the spread of the virus and reminders of what personal responsibility we have to limit the spread of it.

Social Services remain available and our website will provide that information to those who greatly need them right now.

"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!" As we said above, the KNND staff believes we have what it takes to weather this storm.


Stay home, save lives, work together, be kind and stay tuned to KNND!


Elected Official Info Coming Soon...